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Brake repair and service in Manchester, TN serving Murfreesboro and Shelbyville

Make sure to schedule an appointment with our Manchester, TN, Toyota Service Center where we look forward helping all of our customers with their brake repair needs. Are your brake squeaking or do you feel a vibration when you apply the brakes? This means you likely need new brake pads and brake rotor service. Using genuine Toyota brake that were specifically made for your exact Toyota model means you have parts built to the same high standards as the original parts your vehicle left the factory with. If you're doing a lot of towing, it is especially important to have your brakes checked for your safety and those on the road with you. Our Toyota Parts Center has a great inventory of genuine Toyota brake components like pads, calipers, rotors, drums, and shoes all of which provide durability and safety to your Toyota SUV, sedan, or Truck. Schedule a Toyota Brake Inspection at John Roberts Toyota with our team of expertly trained and certified technicians today.

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How often is brake pad replacement needed?

As a Toyota driver, you probably understand how essential proper braking is to your everyday drive. Brake pad replacement will greatly vary depending on the model and manner that you drive. Here is a quick guide for when brake pad replacement is needed.

When the thickness of brake pad measures:

  • 3 millimeters or less — replacement is recommended
  • 4‑6 millimeters — brake pad is nearing replacement
  • 7 or more millimeters — brake pad is good

It is recommended that brake pad measurement is completed and noted at each regular service interval.

Brake Pad replacement
          Great reliable service. They have been very upfront and honest and I trust these guys. If you are in the Manchester Tennessee area, this is a great place to get your Toyota vehicle serviced. I have been going here for five years and their prices are also very reasonable.

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Why is it important to have brakes inspected and repaired?

Proper braking functionality will ensure that you have optimal braking performance while driving so you can stop quickly when needed. Having a working brake system will contribute to proper vehicle control while driving throughout Tennessee roadways. When you have your brakes inspected to make sure they are in "good health" it will help you maintain your vehicle's safety while maximizing your stopping power and improving your stopping distance.

Toyota brake cost estimate in Manchester, TN

Wondering how much it will cost to replace your Toyota brakes? Brake pricing can vary greatly based on the model and year of the vehicle you are driving as well as the availability of the Toyota parts needed for the repair. Additionally, a brake job could require just replacing your brake pads, or it may be necessary to replace other brake components such as rotors, drums, or calipers. To get a better understanding of what your brake repair will cost at our Manchester, TN Toyota Service Center, schedule an appointment with our team of technicians.

Toyota brake specials near Murfreesboro, TN

Family‑owned and operated for or over 40 years, our primary mission is to ensure a simple and hassle‑free experience. With the John Roberts Pledge and our dedication to unparalleled customer service, our reputation is and always will be, one of the most trusted dealerships in the state of Tennessee. We also offer a number of Toyota Service coupons to help with your necessary repairs.

How will I know if my brakes need to be repaired?

There are a few tell‑tale signs that your Toyota's brake may be in need of some repair or replacement.

  • If you hear a high‑pitched squeak when you apply the brakes
  • Any scratching or grinding noises you hear when driving and the brakes are not applied
  • Shaking or noticeable vibration while coming to a stop
  • You notice that you are needing to press down the brake pedal further than usual
  • Your car's brake warning light is illuminated

What brake services do you perform?

Our Manchester, TN brake service & repair center can perform the following:

  • Anti-lock brake system repairs
  • Brake fluid flushes
  • Brake hose replacement
  • Brake pad & shoe replacement
  • Caliper replacement
  • Resurface rotors
  • Rotor replacement
  • Brake master cylinder replacement

Brake repair tips in Manchester, TN

To keep your brakes in a safe, working condition, follow the following tips:

  • Have your brakes inspected every time your vehicle is in for service. You should have your braking system thoroughly inspected at least once a year. If you make frequent stops or travel in an area with a lot of hills, you will need to increase your brake inspections.
  • Never drive while your parking brake is engaged.
  • Have your brake fluid tested and replaced according to your scheduled factory maintenance recommendations. If you find yourself needing to add brake fluid frequently, you may have a leak

Trusted Toyota brake repair service in Manchester, TN

Need new brake pads or rotors? Schedule your Toyota brake repair today at John Roberts Toyota. If you are experiencing any brake issues or have questions about the noises you are hearing when stopping, give our Toyota Service Department a call to schedule a brake inspection or your Toyota brake repairs. If you do not drive a Toyota, that is alright; we regularly perform brake repairs on a variety of makes and models.